XMI’s WE Speaker Review — Best Bluetooth Speaker

XMI has proven time and time again to be leaders in portable sound. Since the launch of their first portable speaker, XMI has lived up to their motto of «Size Beyond Sound» and then some, delivering various models of speakers that have truly defied size.

With the XMI WE Bluetooth speaker XMI have outdone themselves, bringing their high quality sound into an even smaller package and eliminating the need for wires entirely.

First things first, the XMI WE is a cool looking speaker. The best size comparison I can use is that it is roughly the size of a large wine cork. It’s textured body is easy to grip and is easily attachable to things like bags, belts, and just about anything else. The speaker itself is covered by a rubber plug, helping to keep the internals dry and dust free when not in use. All in all, the XMI WE weighs just 48 grams and is very unobtrusive.

Sound wise, the XMI WE packs a 1.5 Watt speaker into this small body. While 1.5 Watts maybe doesn’t inspire much faith, there is no way you are finding a speaker this size that is as loud and clear as the WE. Add in the fact that this speaker’s bluetooth compatibility works flawlessly and you see why this is such an interesting product.

All in all, the XMI WE bluetooth speaker is a handy, powerful, and inconspicuous speaker that gets the job done on both a performance and design level. Its built-in clip makes carrying it simple and its 1.5 Watt speaker delivers power that defies the speakers size.


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