Review — MiPow PlayBulb

The MiPow PlayBulb is one of the more unique accessories we’ve carried at PureMobile. This lightbulb with a built-in bluetooth speaker is all kinds of cool. I finally got one to try out and I’m happy to report that every concern I had before I even got my hands on it was alleviated after I finally tested it out.

The PlayBulb is controlled using bluetooth and an app that is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Once you download the app your device becomes a remote, controlling the music and even the light. In addition to turning the light on or off, the PlayBulb app turns your device into a dimmer switch, letting you set the tone of the party.

The light itself is well put together and surprisingly large. I was sure when it was announced that corners would be cut, but I am happy to report that the MiPow PlayBulb is a winner and a very great gift idea for yourself or a friend!

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