Hit The Road! Best Travel Chargers

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter people love to travel. While some prefer to cut the cord when they hit the road, some like to travel knowing that their devices are safe, functional, and there when you need it when you get lost or need some advice. PureMobile is well-stocked with the best accessories period, including the ones you need to travel right. Whether it’s chargers for the road, the pocket, or the wall, PureMobile has what you need to make sure that if you do stay connected, you also stay charged!

MiPow Power Tube 4000

Arriving in three different colours, the Mipow Power Tube 4000 Lightning is a powerful, portable, and practical charger. The Power Tube supports the charging of two devices at one time and while optimized for use with Apple products, the Power Tube ships with a micro USB cable, making it a nearly universal charger for any mobile device. This purple charger comes in an aluminum case and is sure to keep your device going, even when there is no traditional power source available.

Kensington International Travel Adapter

If you’re planning a trip abroad and need a way to charge your mobile devices, there’s no better answer than the Kensington International Travel Adapter. It’s the only adapter you’ll need for charging in almost any country, and with dual USB ports it allows you to simultaneously power up to three devices. With 2.1 AMPs, it provides fast charging for a variety of devices like your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® or other smartphones and tablets. Plug in your iPad and it will deliver the full 2.1 AMP charge to the port with your tablet. If you need to charge two iPhones at the same time, the adapter will split the power between the ports in order to charge both phones quickly and safely. Plus, with the 2-pole adapter you can charge anything from a laptop to an Ultrabook™

Tylt Band Car Charger

Charge two devices at the same time in your car with Tylt’s Band Car Charger. Reduce clutter with Tylt’s unique design and don’t worry about wires invading your car.

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