Gadgets to keep you fit this holiday

Incipio’s Armband for iPod Touch 4G will make workouts more fun as you listen on the go. Christmas isn’t even here yet and you’re probably already surrounded by sweets and other high-calorie fare. From office holiday parties to the tempting seasonal goodies on view every time you shop for groceries, it can sometimes feel like the battle to stay fit over the holidays is lost before it’s even begun.

Of course, there are ways to make it a little easier to keep on top of your health and weight this Christmas. But since we’re not doctors or nutritionists, we’ll forego the usual talk about calorie consumption and dietary planning and focus instead on what we do know – gadgets.

If you’ve decided to start working out now, rather than tack «exercise more» onto your list of resolutions this January, a good place to start is with some accessories that’ll make your fitness routine a little more fun.

For most people, music is a big motivator when exercising, so a good pair of headphones is a must. If you’re doing lighter exercise, you can probably get away with a pair of over-the-ear style headphones, like a pair from Incase. But jogging and other high-impact activities will probably demand a set of earbud-style headphones; iSkin, Moshi, Beats, and ClarityOne all make good and reliable models.

But hey, this is 2012, and your headphones are probably going to plug into something a little more high-tech than a portable radio (yes those existed.) A lot of accessories makers now produce armbands for your smartphone or media player, specifically designed to make your device accessible while you «get physical.»

Most, like Incipio’s Armband for iPod Touch 4G, are made from moisture-wicking material, so they stay put and stay comfortable while you sweat. Others go even further.

Griffin’s MiCoach Adidas Armband goes the distance but keeps your iPhone 5 safe, and close at hand

Griffin’s MiCoach Adidas Armband for iPhone 5 sports a sweat-proof touch-through screen protector, and boasts an inline pocket for a house or gym key. Strategically-placed ports make it easy to connect headphones or yet another high-tech fitness tool, the Adidas MiCoach Connect Heart Rate Moniter.

It’s not easy to get back into exercising after a long break, but having so many cool gadgets and accessories to keep us entertained and motivated is a big bonus, and it definitely beats the post-holiday guilt . Good luck!

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