DiscoverBuy. Brand Introduction

DiscoverBuy focus on crafting slap-up style cases for Apple iPhone4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3,S4. Hand-weaving craft & maximum protection with minimum bulk, it is a work of art, more than a piece of eye-candy cover case. Discover your Wow cases and Buy them with a reasonable price.

DiscoverBuy, warmly welcomed by Apple Fans at home and abroad, not only is a piece of coveted accessory, but also an aesthetic sense of life attitude. Inspired by top designers and the latest technology, they incorporate slap-up styles, high-class materials and eye-catching patterns into the simple designs to make more than a cover.
From Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod to Samsung, HTC, Mac, DiscoverBuy owns a good reputation for on-trend products in the handheld accessory industry due to the strict quality control system, scientific management system and international standard. They make good use of high quality yet environmental-friendly materials and adopt humanized craft. All of their works convey a touch of fresh beauty. Starting with one simple premise: Care for the health of consumers, this great brand promises that — DiscoverBuy Lives, Love Lasts.
Innovators change our life. DiscoverBuy devote themselves to creative more user-friendly works for individuals and express not only a chic concept but a customized service. As a result, they won a various kinds of awards in different contest. The ONE WEEK Series for iPhone, as a typical example, won the Best Creative Award of Macworld Asia Apple Industry Chain Conference on August 2, 2012. As DiscoverBuy grows, theirs entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive the “Love” culture: Born for love, design for love, work for love, and fight for love. In a word, DiscoverBuy will be integrated more creative and human-love into the design of new items, adding a dash of spark luster to this colorful era.

Began with one simple design concept of “Original Works, Innovative Technology”, DiscoverBuy is known as a leading global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors, which is founded by a passionate team in Hong Kong. Always uphold the business philosophy of «To be the best accessories brand», this heat brand consistently stays by the side of customers to manufacture the environmental-friendly plus high-end products for mobile devices. DiscoverBuy, as the name shows, means discover your “creative, chic, pro-environment, user-friendly” cases and buy them with the most affordable prices. Devoting themselves to supply the latest, fashionable, comfortable products, DiscoverBuy goes all out to bring a fresh and valuable item to one who walk in the forefront of fashion life.

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