Can’t Get Your Hands On A Typo?

The TYPO is an accessory on the run. Challenged in court, the TYPO has been added to the bad boy list and now it’s steadily becoming an accessory in demand due to its obvious perks and its new-found rarity. While most retailers in the USA cannot carry this groundbreaking accessory, PureMobile has the TYPO in stock and ready to move. If you aren’t convinced, read on. Our review will show you just why any Apple iPhone 5/5S user could use this exciting accessory.

The TYPO is a fascinating accessory. Combining the best of both the QWERTY and touchscreen world, the TYPO is a physical keyboard case that allows you to essentially attach a real keyboard to your Apple iPhone 5 or 5S. A two piece accessory, the Typo is a two piece case that is surprisingly protective. Don’t go doing any drop tests with the case on, but pocket scratches and small knocks won’t show on your phone.

Now, onto the Tour De Force, the keyboard. The keyboard is eerily familiar to the classic QWERTY keyboard found on BlackBerry devices. A nice fret splits the rows making typing a breeze, in fact I noticed a dramatic decrease in mistakes in going from the traditional touchscreen to the TYPO keyboard. My big fingers were far more accurate and after a bit muscle memory kicked in and my college days toting a BlackBerry came in handy. They really do feel remarkably similar.

All in all, the TYPO’s unique two-piece protective design and expertly implemented and unique built-in keyboard design are a big winner. This device doesn’t just make typing easier, it saves time and mistakes and gets you on and off your phone quicker. While legality may make this accessory harder to track down, if you are interested in this device you can check it out right now at PureMobile.

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