Cameras Made for Darkness

Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to take a selfie in the evening with the recent time change? It sure is dark earlier in the day now and this change in light is affecting the quality of our photos. Fortunately, we have found some new cameras that can adjust their performance according to darkness and we couldn’t be more excited!

Sharp Security Camera: Although you won’t be taking selfies with this device, the Sharp Infrared Color Night-vision camera, model LZ0P420A, is a spectacular option for protecting businesses and even homes. PC World reports that it has the ability to capture “color footage in zero-light environments.” By projecting a near-infrared light on a specific area, this camera records footage at 30 frames per second. What’s more, people within the area will not be able to see this discreet camera.

GoPro Hero4 Silver: GoPro is dominating the action camera industry with their impressive mountable cameras. Adventurists everywhere have gone crazy over these tiny photo and video capturing devices. The new Hero4 Silver features a new touch screen, giving users footage layback ability. In addition, photo specs have been revamped allowing the Silver to perform better in low-light areas; choose from two settings, Night Photo and Night Lapse, to record low-light scenes. You can even set the Silver on Auto Low Light mode for it to automatically adjust to lighting conditions.

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