Beware: bogus iPhone 5 dock is total BS

At Pure Mobile, top-notch mobile accessories are kind of our thing. So when we came across a story on Gizmodo about a bogus Chinese iPhone 5 dock that doesn’t actually work, all we could think was «for shame.»

«Don’t buy an iPhone 5 dock,» Gizmodo warned, «because it’s a Chinese scam.»

Their information comes from Double Helix Cables, where a friend actually had a hands-on experience with the fake accessory. Here’s what they had to say:

«Opening up the box and out pops this stinker. I did a double take because it looked like a prank, prop, or placeholder of some sort. The lightning plug on the dock looks like a damn piece of cardboard, if you can even call it that. Because it’s a cardboard-like chunk of circuit board that supposedly is going to fit into my iPhone 5.»

The reviewer goes on to write about the the fact that dock’s cutout «isn’t remotely close to being iPhone 5 shaped,» and then elaborates on the «home brewed lightning plug […] which 100% doesn’t fit.»

A critic of the phoney dock took major issue with its «home brewed lightning plug»

This lovely critique then ends with the writer concluding that any «further effort to make this non functional dock [work] would probably damage my iPhone.»

Granted, Apple doesn’t actually make a dock accessory for the iPhone 5, yet. But that’s no reason for third party manufacturers to start churning out ones that simply don’t work.

Many would be more than happy to produce a suitable iPhone 5 dock that actually functions, especially if they don’t have to compete with Apple itself. There are plenty of fun third party iPhone 5 gadgets out there that not only work, but work really well.

And, in our opinion, there’s no excuse for this kind of blatant BS when so many companies have been able to turn a dollar making affordable and functional iPhone accessories that consumers actually want.

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