Apple leaks its own pricing for unlocked iPhone 5

If the only thing stopping you from getting an iPhone 5 is the prospect of getting one through one of Apple’s carriers, then there’s some good news for you.

That’s because factory unlocked versions of the device are on the way, reports a post on AppleInsider. What’s more, the pricing for the unlocked iPhone 5 is out too.

Don’t quite buy it? Well, how’s this for a reliable source – the news comes from Apple itself.

Fair enough, Apple probably didn’t make the revelation intentionally. AppleInsider admits that, while the devices aren’t automatically found anywhere on Apple’s website, «a query for ‘iPhone 5 factory unlocked’ in the search bar reveals ‘Apple Store Results,'» with listed prices ranging from $649 for the 16GB model to $749 for the 32GB version, and $849 for the 64GB iPhone 5.

AppleInsider’s search query on Apple’s website revealed prices for factory unlocked devices

The search results aren’t likely to be an error, says AppleInsider, citing as evidence a report from September that «showed an Online Apple Store iPhone comparison page that revealed the prices of unlocked versions bound for the U.S. and Canada.»

Those prices, writes AppleInsider, are «in line» with those found on Apple’s website. And though similar prices for unlocked iPhone 5s was already available from certain carriers, the news here is «that Apple could soon be joining those ranks for such off-contract sales,» writes Mashable.

As for when we can expect unlocked versions of the iPhone 5 to be available directly through Apple, Mashable and AppleInsider alike cite a theory that says they’re likely to be up for grabs once the supply of iPhone 5s starts to catch up with the demand.

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